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Pride of Guernsey: Bob and George Wills

BOB and George Wills have been nominated for the Parents of the Year award.

(Picture supplied by Andrew Le Poidevin, 32441772)

‘I could not think of anyone who has looked after me better,’ said their nominator, Grant Bowles. Grant is a close family friend to the Wills, having spent time with them and their children in his youth, and their bond has continued into adulthood.

‘If you ever need anyone, she’ll pick up the phone, she’ll talk to you, she cares and she’ll be there.

‘Bob, as stoic as he is, is just Bob,’ he said, chuckling.

‘At every turn, every point and every crisis they’ve been there. As people you couldn’t wish for nicer, more caring people who would go out of their way to care.

‘They are perfect parents. They deserve the accolade. If anyone deserves it, they do. I love them, and I probably wouldn’t be here without them.’

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