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Pride of Guernsey: Colby Bridgman

COLBY BRIDGMAN has been nominated for the Emergency Hero of the Year award.


‘At the time of the emergency Colby was just five years old and when his mummy collapsed on the floor, he knew exactly what to do,’ said his nominator Anna Mills.

Colby realised something was wrong and immediately dialled 999.

‘It’s just me and him together so I’d shown him what to do if there was an emergency,’ said Colby’s mum Jessica Payne, proud that her son remembered what to do.

‘I was watching my movie and I heard mummy fall over and I called 999,’ said Colby.

Knowing exactly what to do, Colby saved his mum’s life with his quick actions.

‘When I woke up, I was quite shocked to realise he’d phoned the ambulance,’ said Jessica.

‘I’m very happy I’ve been nominated,’ said Colby after hearing about his nomination.

Saving his mum’s life by calling the emergency services Colby has become an emergency hero.

‘What an amazing and brave boy, you deserve to win,’ said Anna.

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