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Pride of Guernsey: Georgina Wills

‘ABSOLUTE superstar’ Georgina Wills has been nominated for the Grandparent of the Year award, which is sponsored by Channel Islands Coop.

(Picture supplied by Andrew Le Poidevin, 32441763)

‘My nan is the most fantastic nan in the world. She gives up her time to look after and care for my autistic sister, she is supportive and loves everyone, and always offers a shoulder to cry on, as well as giving all her grandchildren the best advice,’ said her nominator, Alicia Carter.

‘My nan is absolutely fantastic. She gives up every little bit of her time. It’s a close-knit family and she is the person everyone looks up to, she’s absolutely phenomenal.’

Georgina would visit Alicia once a month when she was at university to ease Alicia’s anxiety.

‘She has turned up to every single one of my achievements in life and has been my absolute biggest supporter in everything. She is one in a million and we all absolutely adore her.

‘She’s so supportive, she’s just there for everybody. She’ll just sit and listen. It’s the small things and the big things as well.

‘She’s the best role model I could hope for, she’s the most fantastic nan in the entire world.

‘When I grow up, I want to be like my nan. I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving. She is brilliant at anything and everything.’

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