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Pride of Guernsey: Josie and Steve Merrien

JOSIE and Steve Merrien have been nominated for the Grandparents of the Year award.

(Picture by Peter Frankland, 32437367)

They were nominated by their granddaughters Kiki and Pixie Merrien, aged 9 and 5.

‘I like it when Nanny makes dresses for me,’ Pixie said. Josie often makes summer dresses and uniform for Pixie, as well as outfits for her teddies and dolls.

‘Nanny is very kind and helpful and caring. She is a very good nanny, I love her so, so much. She also gives the best hugs,’ Kiki said.

‘My nanny always makes dresses for me and my sister and makes us really happy, she also loves playing games with us.

‘They take us in their garden and let us grow flowers,’ she said, explaining that one of the types of flowers they grow are sunflowers. 'They’re special to me because they look after me. They come to watch my plays at school.

‘Poppa is very kind and loving, he always wants to play and chat with us, he’s caring and fun to be around. We have the best Nanny and Poppa.’

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