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Pride of Guernsey: Lisa and Karl Marshall

LISA and Karl Marshall have been nominated for the Grandparents of the Year award.

(Picture by Sophie Rabey, 32428786)

‘George and Imogen would like to nominate their grandma and granddad for all the love and support they give them, they always give them the best they can,’ said their nominator Serise Marshall.

‘George and Imogen love going out on their boat and the last time they were on the boat, they were lucky enough to see the dolphins.’

Sometimes they are treated to a special trip to Sark.

‘My grandma and granddad are the best and I hope they will win. I help my granddad when he is racing at the sandracing and I’m his mechanic. They always designate time to take us on the boat,’ said George, 8.

George often helps wash down the sand on Karl’s sandracing cars on race-day. ‘They’re amazing. Thank you for everything you do for us, we have so much love for you.’

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