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Pride of Guernsey: Marybell Barnes

MARYBELL ‘Bubbles’ Barnes has been nominated for the Grandparent of the Year award.

(Picture by Peter Frankland, 32437354)

‘Throughout the years of living in Guernsey and the US, she has always remembered every birthday and made us all feel supported and never forgotten,’ said her nominator, Amelia Carson.

‘She has an uncanny memory for detail, and a deeply caring nature, and this is reflected in the way she treats every loved one.

‘She is unfailingly kind, generous, and thoughtful to a degree that is difficult to represent in words alone.

‘This consistently dependable nature of hers is what sets her apart in my mind, and qualifies her for the nomination.

‘It’s hard to imagine how she could have been a more present and caring grandparent, and I am so grateful for every happy memory that she has given me.

‘In 2020 I welcomed my first baby, and another in 2022, Grandma Bubs and Grandpa Johnny’s first great-grandchildren. This August they generously helped us to afford to visit with our daughters, and Grandma prepared toys for them to play with, and she baked cakes for them, and played with them too, even at her age. She and Grandpa are unstoppable, and have shown the girls so much love and caring even in a short two-week visit.

‘Grandma Bubs is like a storybook grandmother. She sets a wonderful example for us all, and inspires me to become a better mother and someday perhaps a grandmother who can be as dependable and attentive as she has been to me. We are all of us so proud to call her our grandma, and so grateful for her lifelong efforts for us.’

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