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Pride of Guernsey: Susan Bostrom

‘SPECTACULAR’ Susan Bostrom has been nominated for the Grandparent of the Year award.


‘When I was two, she was on holiday in America but flew straight to Southampton when she found out I had cancer, to be there with me and my mum,’ said her nominator Reece Le Page, one of Susan’s 12 grandchildren.

‘Every Tuesday and Thursday, my nan invites me and my twin brother and my cousins for dinner with her delicious homemade cooking and massive homemade desserts. She even makes us pastries for our school lunches, and she even takes me and my cousins out for dinner occasionally.

‘She has a lovely sense of humour, with a passionate mindset along with a kind heart.

‘Her door is always open for her grandchildren, and her fridge and cupboards are always full of treats for her grandchildren. My nan is very creative and has a passion for crafts, she is always making something, and surprises my family with what she makes.

‘I hope you consider my nomination for my lovely kind-hearted nan.’

Shania De La Mare, another nominator, said: 'Susan is the best grandparent I’ve ever known, she loves her family more than she loves anything and continues to prove her love, care and loyalty to everyone every single day without fail.

‘I genuinely believe that she would give anything and everything to make me and my siblings and cousins happy and comfortable in life.

'She is the strongest woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and I’m proud to say that she’s my nan.’

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