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Pride of Guernsey: Paul Heathcote

PAUL HEATHCOTE has been nominated for the Sports Volunteer of the Year award.

(Picture by Peter Frankland, 32426850)

Paul has been nominated for the volunteering he does, and has done for many years, with the minis at Rangers Football Club.

In all weathers, Paul can be found coaching and organising football training for the minis. Alongside this, he works with the island’s other football clubs to organise tournaments such as the successful Rangers Sevens tournament.

Paul’s nominator, seven-year-old Bertie Winn, said: ‘Paul is very kind, helpful and most importantly, he supports Man City like me!

‘Paul is a good coach because he is encouraging and generous.’

‘The best thing about Paul is that he works hard to organise our training and tournaments.

'He always supports me in my matches, even when I am not in his training group.’

‘I love the competitions Paul organises because it is more competitive, and we get to play against other teams.

‘I really enjoy being coached by Paul at Rangers.’

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