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Pride of Guernsey: Pride House

PRIDE HOUSE has been nominated for the Diversity and Inclusion award.


The pop-up Pride House, which was on during the Island Games, was run by LGBTQ charity Liberate, assisted by members of the Youth Commission and Action for Children.

‘A campaign to raise awareness about discrimination in sport saw the pop-up of Pride House during the week of the Island Games and was in Market Square for the duration of the Games,’ said their nominator, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Liberate Guernsey CEO Ellie Jones hoped the event would shine a light on the difficulties LGBTQ people face in relation to getting into sport.

The pop-up Pride House welcomed everyone to feel more involved and included.

Pride House held many fun and interesting events throughout the Island Games.

It offered a safe space for those identifying as LGBTQ to feel more comfortable and to give the support they might not find elsewhere.

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