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Pride of Guernsey: Aimee and Louis Merrien

AIMEE and Louis Merrien have been nominated for Parent of the Year.

(Picture by Sophie Rabey, 32450196)

Kiki, Aimee and Louis’ 9-year-old daughter, believes her parents are the best in the world, taking her for treats and fun activities, sometimes alone and sometimes with her three sisters.

While dad Louis ‘takes me climbing and on holidays like camping, Mum is always ready for anything,’ said Kiki.

Aimee and Kiki have a lot of mum and daughter time and like to go shopping and have movie nights, but most of these activities involve the whole family. ‘I have other children, so we do a lot as a family,’ said Aimee.

Louis has always wanted to have a family and fulfil the parent role and says he most enjoys doing family things with his wife and daughters.

‘The love they give, they’re really appreciative and thoughtful,’ said Aimee saying her children are helpful and very loving towards their parents.

Louis looks forward to watching his four daughters grow up into young ladies and Kiki clearly adores her parents. ‘I love them both,’ she said.

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