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Pride of Guernsey: Dr Aruni Sen

DR ARUNI SEN has been nominated for the Emergency Hero of the Year award.

(Picture by Peter Frankland, 32452550)

Dr Aruni Sen has been working at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital for eight years and has been an emergency consultant since 1992.

With 31 years of experience Dr Sen is always professional and attentive with everyone who comes into his care.

‘This A&E doctor has a heart of gold and cares about the people he sees,’ said Dawn Ellis, his nominator.

Dawn’s personal experience with Dr Sen comes from his help with her late daughter.

‘Just the amazing amount he’s done for my daughter,’ said Dawn.

Dr Sen gave her daughter positivity and every time her daughter would see him, she would believe things would happen and would get better.

‘I don’t think I deserve this nomination,’ said Dr Sen when he heard about it.

He said he did not do anything 'special'.

Dr Sen said he enjoyed the communication that he had with patients and says the most rewarding thing was looking after people and being able to reassure them.

‘Watching him work in the Emergency Department you see how much the job means to him.

'You also see how he makes patients feel relaxed, he is one amazing doctor,’ said Dawn.

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