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Pride of Guernsey: Luke Nicholls

LUKE NICHOLLS has been nominated for the Parent of the Year award, which is sponsored by Ray & Scott.


‘My partner had his children when he was younger,’ said his nominator, Emma Huddle.

‘They are now adults but Luke will still bend over backwards to make sure his kids have what they need, there’s been times when one of their cars breaks down and he’ll give them his car and just walk or microscooter to places until he can get another car for himself. He will go without for them.

‘Last year we welcomed a daughter. He was nervous at first but she completes him. Again, he does whatever he can for her. He will always call to see how her day is, any spare time he has – this man works 24/7 to keep a roof over his and two of his other kids’ heads – he’ll put in to spending time with her.

‘When she was born she had been born cold and had to have help to take her first breaths, it was very scary. When the midwives left to get a warm cot they had to deal with another emergency which meant Luke was left for an hour with me passed out on the birthing chair and him holding our baby.

‘He didn’t once move, just kept her safe in his arms. When the midwives came back to put her in the warm cot, he took any opportunity he could to hold her, and still does now.’

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