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Pride of Guernsey: Natalie Alderton

NATALIE ALDERTON, ‘mum in a million’, has been nominated for the Parent of the Year award.

(Picture by Sophie Rabey, 32451647)

‘My Name is Jacob, I am six years old, and I’d like to put my mum Natalie Alderton forward for this award because she is a very special person to me and plays the role of my mum and dad,’ said Jacob, who had Laura-Marie Dyer writing on his behalf.

‘I love my mum lots, she is kind, caring and is always putting me and my brother Felix first. We always have lots of fun when we go out with our mum – going to visit our horse Rebel and riding him in the sand school, taking our dog Chase for a walk or going to the park to play.

‘I had a very special surprise at my army-themed sixth birthday party this year, my mum had been in contact with Roary (GFC mascot) to come and visit me and my friends and wish me a happy birthday.

‘I cried when he walked through the door because I was so happy to see him - I am a big fan of the GFC players and Roary the Lion too. It was even more amazing that he turned up in a Dodge Command car which me and my friends were lucky enough to travel to and from my birthday party in as well.’

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