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Pride of Guernsey: Susan and Jonathan Saunders

SUSAN and Jonathan Saunders have been nominated for Parent of the Year.

(Picture by Peter Frankland, 32448744)

Their daughter and nominator Abbie Saunders says her parents have stuck together while being by her and her sister’s side.

The Saunders moved to Guernsey in 2005 when Abbie was two years old.

‘Through the hardest of traumas, they have never given up,’ said Abbie.

Susan and Jonathan have helped and supported their daughter through periods of bullying whilst she was at school, working tremendously hard to give their daughter the best chance to succeed, and supporting Abbie’s older sister through university.

‘They have never left us or made us feel like we cannot do it,’ said Abbie.

Susan and Jonathan go above and beyond for everyone around them including people they don’t know, she added.

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