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Pride of Guernsey: Cheshire Dramatic Arts Academy

CHESHIRE Dramatic Arts Academy has been nominated for the Arts Contribution of the Year award, sponsored by Moonpig.


‘The CDA offers opportunities for people of all abilities, has a programme for adults with disabilities and has a nurturing attitude,’ said their nominator, who wished to remain anonymous.

‘They bring out the best in their students and support them through difficult times.

‘They bring amazing productions to the island –Frozen Junior last year, Matilda later this year and now Six Junior coming in early 2024 – giving youngsters the chance to perform plays which are still in the West End.

‘Their teachers are dedicated and Katey, one of the principals, even writes her own plays.

‘They work tirelessly to give every one of their members the best experiences through drama and musical theatre.’

The Cheshire Dramatic Arts Academy has also been noted for the incredible trust it puts in its young students by allowing them to take on what would normally be roles reserved for adults, such as directing.

‘We’ve grown from strength to strength, and there is still so much room for us to grow as an academy and community,’ said Katey Cheshire.

‘We, and by that we mean our entire team, endeavour to inspire young people, and adults, to feel comfortable and free to express themselves in a safe, fun, encouraging and fully inclusive environment.

‘We are genuinely thrilled to have been nominated during what has been a great year for the local arts scene.’

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