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Pride of Guernsey: Eleanor Mitchell

ELEANOR MITCHELL has been nominated for the award for Arts Contribution of the Year.


She is both a dance teacher at the family-run dance school Music Box and a mother to a one-year-old child, dedicated equally to both her work and family.

Eleanor’s nominator, who would like to remain anonymous, said: ‘She runs all her classes with a baby strapped to her chest, showing her commitment to Music Box, even having to cut maternity leave short to get back into her dance classes. She’s done so much for the community. She sticks up for what is right, adapts and overcomes, and the arts contribution that comes not only from Eleanor but the whole Music Box staff is nothing but magical.’

‘It’s definitely surprising,’ said Eleanor after hearing about the nomination, believing she has not done much, as her life is running the dance school and taking care of her family.

‘I’m nothing without them and I don’t deserve anything alone,’ said Eleanor, wanting every member of Music Box staff to be acknowledged in all the work they put into the dance school, not just her.

In the 17 years Music Box has been running, Eleanor and the team have experienced many challenges and changes.

‘It was a big challenge keeping the family feel and expanding the business,’ said Eleanor.

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