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Pride of Guernsey: Kieran Baker

KIERAN BAKER has been nominated for Parent of the Year, which is sponsored by Ray & Scott.


‘My dad is the best dad in the world,’ said Liam Baker, his nominator and oldest son.

Kieran is always there for his three children aged 11, 9 and 7, and loves the time he spends with them every week.

‘He and Liam do lots of activities together,’ said Shanelle Baker, Kieran’s sister.

Kieran always listens to what his children have to say and is a hero to all three of his children, especially to Liam, who adores his dad.

‘He couldn’t believe it when he heard he’d been nominated, he got a bit upset,’ said Shanelle when she told her brother about his nomination.

Despite some tough times within the family, Kieran has stayed strong for his children.

Kieran likes going out with his kids on fun activities, like going to the beach and rock-pooling together.

He is happiest when he sees his children smile and when they are giving him cuddles.

‘For me as his sister, watching how his daughter is with him, reminds me of how I was with our dad,’ said Shanelle.

‘My dad has never given up on me, my brother and sister,’ said Liam. ‘We love him so much and would like to nominate him for an award.’

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