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Pride of Guernsey: Little Buttons Preschool

LITTLE BUTTONS, a charity-run preschool, has been nominated for the Teacher of the Year award, which is sponsored by Core.

(Picture by Sophie Rabey, 32428806)

‘Little Buttons understands the critical importance of early learning in a child’s development. Their dedicated team of educators goes above and beyond to create a stimulating and inclusive atmosphere where children can thrive. Through their innovative methods, they ignite a love for learning and lay a solid foundation for the future,’ said one nominator, Gatis Lorencs.

‘Little Buttons is a shining example of educational excellence. Their dedicated teachers, innovative teaching methods and commitment to holistic development makes them worthy candidates for the title of Teacher of the Year. I wholeheartedly nominate Little Buttons Preschool for this well-deserved recognition, confident that they will continue to shape young minds and make a lasting impact on their students ready for primary school,’ said their second nominator, Sofia Simon.

There is a team of eight teachers at Little Buttons, which is headed by Heidi De Mouilpied.

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