Suspended vehicle baffles Toronto law enforcement

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CANADIAN police were forced to call in fire services after they discovered a mysterious car hanging by a cable from Toronto’s Millwood bridge.

Police believe the burned-out vehicle to be a prank and criticised the culprits for wasting police time

The stray Honda Civic, windowless and with a burned out interior, was discovered in the early hours of the morning and originally thought to be a prop for a film shoot.

Upon discovering that no filming permits had been issued for that area, police enlisted the fire service, who were able to cut the car down by mid-morning.

‘With assistance from the Toronto Fire Services, an investigation was started and the vehicle was recovered,’ said the police in a press statement.

‘This incident resulted in the use of significant resources that were not available to attend to genuine emergency calls for service.’ The force has launched an investigation into how the prank came about, under the ‘public mischief’ label.

The car was clearly intentionally suspended, the fire service said. It was tied into a winch system, which held it suspended below the roadway. Tracking the owner was impossible, however, as the car had been burned out and had no number plate.


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