Sark Asian hornet nest discovery ‘horrifying’

Sark | Published:

AN ASIAN HORNET nest has been identified at the very top of a tree on harbour road in Sark.

The asian hornet's nest in Sark. (19936591)

The nest’s location meant it was spotted only after autumn’s arrival, but there were reportedly several hornets sighted towards the end of the summer at nearby residences and pubs.

The island’s government is now assessing the options for how to deal with the nest and working out whether it is still active.

Jo Birch, a non-voting member of the Agriculture, Environment, Sea Fisheries & Pilotage Committee, said the fact that there were nests in Sark was ‘horrifying’, but the tree’s height meant it would be difficult to deal with.

‘We have got a plan in the works, but it [the nest] is very unlikely to be live,’ she said.

‘It was very difficult for us to find the nest until all of the leaves had come down around it, but it was quite well known there was one in the area. We think it has gone into hibernation or died at this point, there are probably a few hornets left trying to keep it alive but they should die out over the winter.’

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