Sark approves of same-sex marriage

SARK has joined the 21st Century, Policy and Finance Committee president Peter La Trobe-Bateman said after the island’s government agreed proposals that will see same-sex marriage laws drawn up for the island.


The item was approved by Chief Pleas at its Michaelmas meeting.

‘It was quite well received really,’ said Conseiller La Trobe-Bateman of the same-sex marriage report.

‘There have been gay partners in Sark already. There are always going to be a few people against it, but for once Sark has come into the modern day.

‘It’s the 21st century and the old church ways of one man and one woman are outdated.’

The island has already made it possible for people to get married without having to spend a long time in Sark first, which, the conseiller said, had increased wedding numbers.

‘But the thing that’s really good for us now is that partners can get married without being restricted as to where they can do it so you can be married anywhere in Sark.’

While same-sex couples will not be able to marry in a church, it is hoped that the lifting of restrictions will mean couples looking for an unusual wedding location will travel to the island and boost its visitor economy.

n Among the other items approved by Chief Pleas was the 2021 Budget, which included the setting aside of £347,978 towards a new slaughterhouse, the formal proposals for which will probably come back to an extraordinary meeting.

Approval was also given to changing the date of the May Day bank holiday next year to Friday 8 May, to tie in with the anniversary of VE Day.

Sark will also have a day off on 10 May for its own Liberation Day celebrations.

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