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Sark man is grateful after bag returned

A SARK man’s passport, driving licence and keys went on an island tour in a small bag on the roof of a car before someone spotted it and stopped the vehicle.

Sark resident James Briggs wants to identify and thank a man who saved his bag containing important personal items.

The identity of the good Samaritan is not known, but Sark resident James Briggs would like to say thank you to him.

Mr Briggs’ ferry had left the harbour to head back to Sark when he realised that he had misplaced a bag as he was gathering his luggage from the boot of his friend’s car.

The bag contained many of Mr Briggs’ important personal items, including his passport, driving licence and keys.

‘It’s a small, dark money bag and it was on top of a small, black car so it just blended in.

‘I had needed to use both my hands for my bags so put the money bag down and forgot about it,’ he said.

Following his departure, Mr Briggs’ unsuspecting friend then set off from the inter-island quay in Town with the bag still on the car’s roof. Remarkably it stayed there until another motorist, who had been following the car, manage to stop it near the Northside fish and chip shop.

‘It was around rush hour so traffic must have been moving quite slowly, that’s the only way it could have stayed on the roof and not fallen off,’ Mr Briggs said.

He expressed his gratitude to the man, and hoped that he would come forward.

‘It’s nice to know that there are people that will go out of their way to help somebody, especially when they are oblivious of their predicament.’

Mr Briggs plans to come back to Guernsey this week to collect his valuables.