No way! Lottery winner’s ‘goosebump-raising’ call released

Debbie Goolding won £1 million on a National Lottery scratchcard.

No way! Lottery winner’s ‘goosebump-raising’ call released

A recording has been released of the “goosebump-raising” moment when a mother-of-four found out she had won £1 million on a National Lottery scratchcard

Debbie Goolding, from Aldershot, Hampshire, can be heard screaming and laughing as a Camelot telephone operator confirms the win.

Ms Goolding then says: “I just thought it said £1 then I thought it said £1 million, and I thought ‘No way!’”

“I remember that I actually called back the next day that I had actually won before I spent any money, I thought everyone did that but apparently not.

“I always thought in a situation like that I would be the one leaping about and kissing everyone but I was really calm, it almost felt like I was a bit drunk, and looking back I think it was the shock.”

Describing the impact of the win, Ms Goolding said: “It’s been exciting, it’s been fabulous, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t say it’s been fabulous in the year after you won the lottery.”

She said the win gave a boost to her project at the time to knit angel mascots as thank-you gifts to NHS workers, care workers and other pandemic frontline staff.

Debbie Goolding with her angel mascots
Debbie Goolding with her angel mascots (Chris Ratcliffe/National Lottery/PA)

“The angels actually took off – we got a whole group of us, 50 winners, and we all got together and made over 1,000 angels. All the lottery winners were knitting just before Christmas and they went off everywhere, all across the country to all the hospices as well as to lonelier older people.”

Ms Goolding, who has gone back to work as a florist since her win, said: “I don’t think I realised the enormity of how it would change my life. Because of Covid we didn’t do what most people do and jump on a plane.

“It’s given me the security to know I helped my children with their properties, gave us financial security, and now I can enjoy life and not worry about the future. We wanted to build money and not for it to be just gone in one year.

“I wasn’t working, but now I am – that’s crazy. I went back to work from Mother’s Day this year, it gives you the opportunity to do what you do because you love it rather than because you have to.”

Andy Carter, Camelot’s senior winners adviser, said: “Unsurprisingly, we get to see a lot of happy people in our job but their reactions certainly differ.

“Some people feel sick, some people jump up and down, some people are having a party when we arrive, others haven’t told a single soul – I’ve even had people fainting.”

Ms Goolding’s call has been released ahead of the EuroMillions draw on Friday, which has a jackpot of £107 million.

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