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Princess of Wales tours textile mill with family connection

Kate is being given a tour of Yorkshire-based AW Hainsworth.

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The Princess of Wales has begun a tour of a heritage textile mill which has a close association with her family.

Kate is visiting Yorkshire-based AW Hainsworth which held a royal warrant from the late Queen and bought a woollen manufacturer once owned by her father Michael Middleton’s relatives.

The company made the scarlet tunics of the Guardsmen on duty during the coronations of both Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 and the King in May.

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The Princess of Wales is being shown around the textile mill (Danny Lawson/PA)

During her tour at AW Hainsworth, Kate will learn about the manufacturing process of textiles – from yarn to fabric.

Traditional machinery and techniques are still the backbone of the industry and the princess will meet a number of the company’s apprentices, alongside their mentors who are passing down generations of specialist skills.

Modern technology is also part of the process and Kate will be shown an on-site laboratory which the company is using for cutting-edge innovation and product development.

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