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What the papers say – April 4

A range of stories feature on the front pages of the nation’s newspapers.


Rishi Sunak’s threat to leave the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) features among a variety of stories on the front of Thursday’s newspapers.

The Daily Express and The Sun lead with the Prime Minister’s saying he would cut ties with the ECHR if they quash his Rwanda migrant plan.

The Daily Mirror reports on a gang-run dog-fighting ring in the garage of a couple’s home in Essex.

The Times looks at new blood tests that could help spot Alzheimer’s years earlier.

The Guardian leads with a story on former supreme court judges joining calls warning the Government is breaking international law by continuing to arm Israel.

The Daily Telegraph says judges have been told to consider more lenient sentences for offenders with “difficult” or “deprived” backgrounds.

The Independent simply says “Enough”, sharing the paper’s view that the “moment has come” to do whatever it takes to “force Israel to end its war”.

The Metro relays words from Mr Sunak who condemned the Israeli drone strike that killed three British men delivering aid in Gaza.

The i reports that Gaza had been plunged into a “new aid crisis”.

The Daily Mail runs with a story on MPs, their staff members and political journalists who have been targeted in a honeytrap scandal.

Google is looking at launching an AI-powered search behind a paywall, according to the Financial Times.

And the Daily Star looks into a “huge quest” to find King Arthur’s lost sword.

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