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Velcro Brand begs the public to stop using its name in vain in an 80s-inspired video

Velcro Brand wants you to start saying hook and loop.


The Velcro Brand is asking people to stop using its name as a noun or verb, using a catchy song to help get the message across.

Much in the way that Brits say “Hoover” when they really mean vacuum cleaner, the brand name Velcro has become synonymous with the product it invented.

The fact is, that although Velcro the brand invented the hook and loop sticking system, its patent lapsed 40 years ago. This means that other companies were able to begin using the design.

The brand has a solution though. It wants you to refer to the V word as hook and loop from now on, and the video explains why.

It’s obviously tongue-in-cheek, with a few bleeped-out words and even contains the line: “We know this seems ridiculous, this is a first-world situation”.

The company’s actual lawyers were even involved in the film, made by the Walk West marketing agency.

“Non-VELCRO brand products should be identified by their functional terms, such as ‘hook and loop,’ ‘self-adhesive straps,’ and so forth.  The VELCRO mark should always be used as an adjective and never as a noun or a verb. The term ‘Velcro Companies’ should be used when referring to our company and its executives.

“The proper use of the VELCRO trademark assists us in safeguarding the integrity of the VELCRO brand, and helps to protect consumers from products incorrectly sold as VELCRO brand products.”

So now you know – it’s hook and loop.

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