UK visitors take to social media to reveal the country’s biggest culture shocks

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Reddit users explained the things that surprised them about visiting the UK, from its food to its people.

The UK has many quirks, from its eating habits to its weather, and Reddit users from other countries have been documenting the biggest “culture shocks” they had upon visiting the county.

Reddit user arixos28 asked people on the website: “Reddit users who have visited the UK, what was the biggest culture shock you experienced?”

Here are some of the best answers Reddit users from around the world had, that might leave you questioning the things you once thought were normal about the UK.

1. Firstly, some tourists weren’t anticipating quite so much walking.

3. Some visitors to the UK were baffled by the greetings.


5. The country’s most commonly-spoken word.


7. The dark winters can be a culture shock for some.

9. Finally, people from the UK know how to party.

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