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Orphaned fox cub abandoned on roadside with ‘help me’ note

The cub is under the care of staff at an RSPCA wildlife centre.

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A fox cub is now in a “safe place” after being abandoned at the side of a road with a “heartbreaking” note written on a Greggs paper bag.

The cub – which is now being cared for at an RSPCA wildlife centre – was found in a carrier box on Langley Moor, Co Durham, on May 24, with a note which read: “My mam died – help me.”

Note written with black pen on a white and blue paper bag
The note which was with the cub when he was found abandoned at the side of a road (RSPCA/PA)

“It is very sad that he isn’t growing up in the wild with his mum but we are so grateful to all the members of the public for contacting us about him and taking the time to rescue and save his life.

“It’s a lovely reminder that there’s so many wildlife friends out there.”

Fox cub in a dark corner, lying on a blanket
The fox cub is now under the care of RSPCA staff (RSPCA/PA)

If there are no signs of any parents after 24 hours, they should visit the RSPCA website for advice on next steps.

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