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Kylie Minogue on Padam Padam being the first ‘true viral moment’ in her career

The Australian singer released the electro dance anthem in May and it became her highest-charting song in the UK in more than 10 years.


Kylie Minogue has said her hit single Padam Padam was the first time she has had a “true viral moment” in her career.

The Australian singer, 55, released the electro dance anthem in May and it went on to spend four weeks in the UK top 10, becoming her highest-charting song in the UK in more than 10 years.

It serves as the lead single for her upcoming 16th studio album Tension, with the album’s new title track released on Friday.

Asked if she could have imagined the phenomenon the song would create, she added: “No, absolutely not. Just dialling myself into Padam brain, the red here, red there.

“It’s like the aliens have taken over for a while. Everything was Padam. But to have a viral (moment), it’s the first time I’ve had that.

“I’ve been doing this for about three million years and it’s the first time I’ve had that true viral moment, which you can’t manifest.

“The fact that the second that Padam came out it was liked and people took ownership of it, and that was really so rewarding for me. I loved it.

“People are hilarious, all they did, it was just endlessly entertaining.”

The song’s music video sees the veteran singer dressed in red bodysuit with her dancers also all donning red outfits as they perform a dance routine in various locations.

Her new single Tension has a similar catchy pop beat with the singer opting for a futuristic look with a red wig and a silver sparkly outfit for the song’s artwork.

On September 17 the singer will top the bill for Radio 2 in the Park in Leicester before she begins her first Las Vegas residency in November.

Minogue will be the first headliner for nightclub Voltaire, a new venue at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas.

Reflecting on her residency, she said: “It’s probably been years in the making and it’s kind of transpired it’s not what I might have previously imagined because I’ve done such big shows like Aphrodite spectacle with water fountains and aerialists, and way too much that is sensible to tour with, we said from time to time this is a Vegas show.

“But what I am doing is a very intimate performance. So it’s more like what I imagined the kind of clubs might have been like with (Frank) Sinatra, throwing these names out I’m not putting myself in that company, but there’s going to be sofas and snugs and table.

“It’s a whole night of entertainment and then you’ve got me and it’s 1,000 in the audience so it’s very very intimate.”

She said she has previously seen Lady Gaga’s jazz show, which she said was “brilliant”.

Minogue added: “Those shows are, I think over time, become more like arena shows. So my show at Voltaire club is kind of this big, a kind of glamorous, off scale hug.”

Kylie Minogue’s album Tension is being released on September 22.

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