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Appeal for adoption of ‘rare’ intersex kitten found in Northern Ireland

The six-month-old stray is healing from a number of surgeries.


A charity is asking people to consider adopting a “rare” intersex kitten found in Northern Ireland.

Ducati, a six-month-old stray who was found at an industrial estate on May 9, has both male and female reproductive organs, the Cats Protection charity said.

This is caused by genetic mutations, chromosomal abnormalities, or hormonal imbalances in the womb, it added.

Branch volunteer at North Antrim & Glens Jodie Burnside said: “When Ducati arrived, we initially identified him as male, but reports of males attempting to mate with him while he was straying raised our suspicions.

“We were amazed to discover during neutering that Ducati is actually both male and female! Ducati has a penis, one testicle, one ovary, and a uterus.

“While being an intersex cat shouldn’t cause Ducati any health issues, they also needed an eye removing due to suffering as a kitten from flu which threatened their eye rupturing.

“The treatments Ducati required have cost over £500, and we urgently need support.

“Thankfully, Ducati has healed well from a number of surgeries and is now in the care of one of our loving fosterers until they find their forever home.”

The charity is offering free transport for cats adopted in Northern Ireland, and the adoption fee includes several veterinary bills.

Ms Burnside added: “This year, we’ve faced a drastic increase in cat abandonment and a reduction in adoption rates, making it challenging to find permanent homes for our cats.

“We would love to hear from any potential adopters for Ducati, or any of our other cats looking for the perfect home.”

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