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Dogs rock bows and rosettes at polling stations on election day

The hashtag #dogsatpollingstations has become a highlight of election days for animal lovers on social media.

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Dogs have appeared at polling stations wearing bows, rosettes and colourful leads as the public go to vote in the General Election.

The hashtag #dogsatpollingstations has become a highlight of election days for animal lovers on social media as people share photos of themselves exercising their pets and democratic rights at the same time.

Dog outside polling station
Cockapoo Clyde in St Neots (@PhilSV4/X/PA)

Mike Birtwistle, 46, took Reggie, a cavalier King Charles spaniel, to the polling station at Alexandra Park Library in north London at around 7.05am.

Reggie wore a red rosette with a “vote Labour” sticker on it as he posed for a photo.

Dog in front of polling station sign
Mike Birtwistle’s dog Reggie outside a polling station (Mike Birtwistle/PA)

He added Reggie was “very excited” to head to the polling station and has accompanied him to vote in the past.

“I don’t think he’s been on a successful election side, so hopefully this will be the first one where his choice of party actually wins,” he added.

A dog sitting next to a polling station sign
Sproodle Teddy outside a polling station in Taunton (@annie_rebeccaaa/X/PA)

Helen Montague, 44, took her dog Heston, who she said is her “best friend”, with her to vote at Marden polling station in Kent at 7am on the dot.

A dog standing on grass in front of a polling station sign
Helen Montague’s dog Heston outside Marden polling station in Kent (Helen Montague/PA)

The Boston terrier wore a red bow as he is a fan of the accessory and was “very excited” to accompany his owner to vote, she added.

A log looking to the side in front of a village hall
Mabel, a mixed breed rescue dog from Romania, at Nether Broughton polling station (Annette Wade-Clarke/PA)

She said if Heston could share a message about election day, it would be: “Please don’t forget your ID and please don’t forget to bring snacks for your dog at the polling station.”

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