We need a new curriculum

A NEW approach to educating the mass of young GBG people. I have no experience of teaching in schools but I do think. Many young people are inherently highly motivated when they enter the school system and disillusioned when they leave the school system.

n It is not teachers’ fault at all.

n It is not the school buildings at all.

n It is less to do with the parents who themselves went through an almost identical school system.

It is the school curriculum that is in error.

Take mathematics: It is expected that every student will pass GCSE mathematics. This is rubbish expectation and the content is not needed in most life or work situations. Quadratic equations; simultaneous equations; differentiation; weird number systems. It is needed if you are going to design bridges/aircraft wings/design homes and office blocks.

Take languages: For goodness sake, forget about Latin, Guernsey French, French, German. Try every student studying Chinese, which is the future.

Take English: Forget about Shakespeare – just dump it now.

Take sports: Who on earth said that long distance running, boxing, weight lifting, cliff climbing is good for you? Reduce by 50% the cop-out sports from school-time activities.

Universities – most school curriculum is designed around the requirements to enter universities whereas many selected university courses are themselves rubbish. Philosophy, criminology. Schools are more and more required to teach woke subjects – we are all the same – nobody ever fails.

A new approach is needed plus a new Guernsey designed GCSE:

1. How to think.

2. How to identify and try to solve problems.

3. All the elements of ‘How to start up companies’ – very important to the future of the students. These lectures are given by GBG start-up company staff plus the Digital Greenhouse.

4. How to determine the size of marketplaces for new products. These lectures are given by marketing specialists from Guernsey companies.

5. Basic computers and computing. Spreadsheets. These lectures are given by experienced computer specialists who work in the GBG.

6. Writing reports with clear explanations in English. Spelling.

7. Public speaking, plus clear, normal speaking.

8. Advertising. These lectures are given by advertising specialists who work in GBG.

9. Various types of wood; metal and plastics.

10. Basic medical systems. Basic diseases. Basic cures. Blood testing. How the body works. Remove much mystery from medicine. Bring medical testing to the home. MSG set up these courses and provide lecturers from the GBG medical profession – all free.

11. Comprehensive and advanced first aid. Lecturers provided by St John Ambulance Service – all free for the goodness of Guernsey youngsters.

12. Tax systems. Doing personal income tax. PwC and other tax specialists provide free lectures.

13. Breeding fish and crabs. Setting up breeding tanks.

14. Solar panels, pollution, wind generation, tidal generation. Lectures provided free by an environmental specialist from Sustainable Finance Guernsey.

15. Electricity generation, electrical infrastructure, transformers, heavy power cables. Lectures provided free by the States Electricity department.

16. Geography, tides. Teachers give these lectures.

17. Water sources and infrastructure, how to produce clean water. Lectures provided free by the States Water department.

18. Electric motors.

19. LED lights, saving power techniques.

20. Agriculture and chemicals used.

21. How to be a teacher. Lectures provided by Guernsey teachers.

22. How to be a product designer.

23. Basics of designing electrical and mechanical products.

24. Time, reference sources, world time zones. Teachers provide these lectures.

25. Heat measuring devices.

26. Music. How does one write music.

27. Life, marriage, death. What qualifications are desirable for a lifetime partner.

Of course there must be examinations with questions set by the lecturers – none of this tend to ‘not have examinations because nobody can fail’.

Let other teaching establishments in GBG do Shakespeare, physics, chemistry, Latin, heavy-duty mathematics, law, philosophy, criminology, inclusiveness, we are all equal, massive sports.

St Sampson’s School, Les Beaucamps, La Mare de Carteret, you can do this – forget about levelling up – go for the top. Ask any business company or start up company and they will just love this new curriculum that has prepared their new entrants for a broad-based inventive life.


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