Climate change and Guernsey

IT CAN be a challenge for journalists to find the right tone when reporting on hot days and record-breaking temperatures.

The days of ‘phew, what a scorcher!’ headlines and celebrating baking hot days seem long behind us. Although many of us enjoy the Mediterranean-style warmth and sunshine we’ve experienced so far in July, we should pause for thought on why we are experiencing these temperatures.

There may be climate change sceptics even in our own States, but there are few making headlines this week who dispute the science.

In the UK there are professors calling on the UK to ramp up emergency action plans, in the sure knowledge they will need to be used again next summer.

The country is seeing travel chaos on road and rail and also water shortages are emerging, thankfully no longer a problem here, it seems.

Guernsey is now committed to tackling the issue, with agreement reached in principle to extend the Paris Agreement on climate change to the island. Our climate change policies now are, or will be, aligned to international standards, but are largely being seen as a pain to accommodate.

Guernsey accepts it has a part to play in addressing climate change. But more work is needed to enhance our understanding of what we will be doing, and the impact it will have, both in the island and internationally.

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