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Tackling the plastic problem

WHEN it comes to big issues, they don’t come much bigger than the future of the entire planet.

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But being so small, it can be hard to see how Guernsey can have much impact when it comes to major environmental issues.

Take single-use plastics. Such products are the epitome of convenience, but they are wreaking havoc on the Earth. It is estimated that as much as 90% of plastic is never recycled and, rather than biodegrading, it merely breaks down into micro particles that contaminate the environment.

It’s a huge problem, but what can Guernsey do about it?

Local environmental charity the Clean Earth Trust is calling for action to be taken to stop the sale of single-use plastics in the Bailiwick.

Other places, including Jersey and the Isle of Man, have introduced bans on some plastic items, but Guernsey has yet to follow suit.

According to Environment & Infrastructure president Lindsay de Sausmarez, minimising single-use and non-recyclable plastic is ‘an ongoing action as part of our Climate Change Action Plan’ and ‘we may yet see indirect benefit from bans introduced in other countries’.

But rather than hoping to rely on the hard work of others, perhaps the time has come for Guernsey to join the fight.

We might not want to lead the way on this issue, but are we happy to get left behind?