Guernsey Press

No solutions when fear is the driver

THOSE who dislike the current tribal nature of Guernsey politics might have started to feel reassured that things seemed to be changing in the run up to the Tax Review debate, only to have those hopes cruelly dashed.


With the collection of deputies involved in the ‘Say No To GST’ campaign appearing to cross the now-traditional tribal lines, it seemed that this numbers game could be complicated. And then, with the obvious exception of Peter Roffey ‘crossing the floor’, the vote on the ‘fairer alternative’ proposal was exactly as the States usually splits.

Disappointing. No surprise that Deputy Heidi Soulsby railed against it. ‘I despair at the “us and them” attitude of some in this States. I really wish we could start respecting the views of others, rather than seeing other opinions as a personal affront.’

Various concerns were rumoured, especially that there must be an ulterior motive… that the success of the ‘fairer alternative’ was actually a power grab.

‘Why can’t you see this?’ those deputies obsessed by ‘political games’ will say. It was noticeable that those most keen on it were saying such things in debate last week.

Now there's another, collaborative, effort on the way for 'fairer alternative II'. Islanders will hope that a potential solution to our public finances may be found, rather than some deputies doing all they can to defend those party lines.