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Divided they fall

‘UNLESS things change and change quickly, we really will deserve to be called the worst States ever.’

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Deputy Heidi Soulsby’s analysis of Guernsey's political position, published here, pulls no punches.

She warns that the current situation is untenable and the States' senior committee must either ‘show some humility and set an example from the top’ or ‘stand aside and let others lead collegiately’.

Strong words, particularly coming from the committee’s former vice-president. But with the States being so divided, it is likely that many of her fellow deputies will dismiss her opinion as sour grapes or place the blame for all that is wrong in the States on her and her allies. Which is kind of her point.

Politicians ‘working together’, regardless of personalities and principles, seems to be a thing of the past. The concepts of consensus and compromise are no longer valued. The outcome of most votes can now often be predicted based primarily on the identity of the person behind the proposition being discussed.

‘It never needed to be like this,’ says Deputy Soulsby, echoing a similar comment from Deputy Sue Aldwell in a letter also published today: ‘It doesn’t have to be this way.’

Deputy Aldwell has a different target for her ire, however, and is more concerned about the ‘toxicity’ coming from outside the States.

Whatever the source, it is patently clear that all is not rosy within the Assembly and it is time for this 'States of Action' to act to resolve it. And soon.