Guernsey Press

Moving up has to be the way out

THE decision by the Guernsey Housing Association to go back to the ‘drawing board’ and reshape the plans for the former CI Tyres site in La Charroterie will be seen now, and in years to come, to have been an inspired one.


Ten-storey buildings may be an anathema to some, but this has to be the shape of modern living in Guernsey in the future, especially for the key workers we need to fill certain jobs but who might not be committed to stay in Guernsey for the rest of their lives.

The development of Cour de Parc in the 1960s was seen as ground-breaking but was never followed up.

The island, and the States, appeared to be embarrassed of the carbuncle it had put up in haste in tune with the times, and regretted it so much it was determined not to repeat the ‘mistake’.

Now we are in different times, and design has changed.

If we are to give our young people any chance of reasonably-priced property, more of these developments, whether they be for key workers new to Guernsey, or for islanders, are going to have to come forward.

There are still opportunities to create more of these developments in this area of St Peter Port, with the potential for more residents to bring new life back to Mill Street, Mansell Street and the Bordage.

A lack of parking spaces will have to be resolved, but it’s an opportunity that must be grasped.