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King leads the way over health

The news of the King’s cancer diagnosis swept the nation on Monday evening.

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Many were shocked, some shocked at the extent of the media coverage that the news provoked, and some over some of the less favourable public reaction on social media.

The King’s decision to share the news of his health issue must be seen as a positive for health outcomes everywhere.

If it makes us think, and act on those medical issues and body changes we weren’t expecting, to take the initiative, it will be a positive.

As some cancer charities are wont to say: ‘Don’t sit on it, sort it.’

After the Queen’s long reign and Prince Philip’s longevity at her side, we have come to think of the Royal Family as almost immortal.

So the King’s news breaking was a shock, and then an opportunity to take stock, and think of both his and our mortality.

We wish the King well for a full and swift recovery.

And hope that his candour and example will lead to others being proactive about their own health.

Indeed, more conversations about cancer might also help those living, and perhaps struggling, following the death of a loved one from the disease.