Guernsey Press

Worn down by over-enthusiasm

IT APPEARS that over-enthusiasm to be radical has stymied an opportunity for change to the island’s system of government.


The new Policy & Resources Committee can’t give its full backing to a set of proposals drawn up by a sub-committee under its predecessor. And so it’s endeavouring to present a fudge to the States later this summer with no recommendations. Effectively, ‘give us some ideas’.

The last time the States pursued a ‘green paper’ debate on the tax review it didn’t help much, and one might expect a similar result this time around.

But is the States currently working effectively? It doesn’t much look like it.

Would it be better if there were fewer hands on the tiller and decisions were taken more quickly? Possibly.

But then the sticking point. Whose are those hands? Without trust in the individuals to be given greater powers, the process goes nowhere.

There’s always enthusiasm for executive government among those who believe they are likely to be in the executive. But which deputies would willingly act as scrutineers and a formal, or informal, opposition?

It’s doubtful whether a green paper debate would add clarity. Maybe though, we could start with one question – what’s the value of the States Chamber? A clue of the importance placed on debate and reaching consensus would be instructive.