Guernsey Press

A Liberation Day that suits us all?

AFTER a fair amount of trial and error over the past few years, have we reached a Liberation Day on which we can all agree?


The States pumps a little bit more focus (and, one presumes, cash) into events in St Peter Port. Parishes which have enjoyed the experience of the past couple of years organise events which have proved to be popular, successful, and that they feel they can afford.

Parishes which have cooperated reluctantly, or in a couple of cases, not at all, can walk away without penalty – maybe feeling that they were right all along.

We’re now left with hybrid Liberation Day celebrations but hopefully a bit of something for everyone. Want to go into Town? Fine. Live music? You’ve got options. Quiet event in your own parish, or the one next door? Every chance. And the popular cavalcade continues its way around the island.

It’s taken a while but it feels like we’ve found a way of marking Liberation Day which includes tradition, variety, public and private, and above all, choice.

The only challenge on the horizon might be the so-called ‘big’ celebrations planned for the five-year commemorations, which will include events for the 80th anniversary next May. If we go too big, or it’s too popular, can we find a way back to today’s – hopefully successful and well-liked – middle ground?