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Articulate to help us understand

‘THEY haven’t articulated the problems as well as they could have,’ said States’ Trading Supervisory Board president Peter Roffey this week, answering yet more questions about Aurigny.


That feels like some kind of understatement, made all the more stark by Aurigny finally providing its political overlord with a six-page letter, with all its many problems from 2024 laid bare.

You would have a heart of stone not to feel that Aurigny has repeatedly been out of luck in its transformation. Wet lease agreements broken by operators. Two accidents putting planes out of action. Covid issues delaying replacement parts.

People falling over themselves to blame the airline for ‘spreading itself too thinly’, and saying that the new routes are to blame, look to be wide of the mark.

While it’s no comfort to disrupted passengers, we learn too that Aurigny can’t decide too early to cancel a flight, as it puts the airport slot at risk.

If these failings individually are understandable, we cannot anticipate how they might combine to disrupt a relatively small carrier. The clear message is that travel will be disrupted for weeks, maybe months to come, and that’s not a look that any operator wants to have to manage.

Where Aurigny has performed this week is articulating its issues, being open in its communication. By revealing the whole story, we can go at least some way to understanding the disruption that it’s clear we’ll be living with for a while yet.