We’re ‘doing our bit’ with recycling – now do yours

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Below is a copy of an email sent on 2 January to Richard Evans:

Dear Mr Evans,

I read your request in this morning’s Guernsey Press that all householders ‘do their bit’ to look after their waste receptacles. As householders who try very hard to do our bit, it is annoying that our efforts are continually frustrated by the collectors.

We live on Bulwer Avenue, which is often affected by strong winds. Therefore, unless the night is very calm, we place a brick on top of the food container. All the collectors have to do, to prevent the bin from being blown into the road or far along the verge towards the Bridge, is replace the brick.

Following the very first collection, the brick had been replaced and even the accompanying recycling bag had been placed underneath the food box. We were impressed and thought all would be well. However, ever since then, the brick has been tipped off the box and no attempt has been made to anchor either the box or the recycling bag. We have spent a considerable amount of time on several occasions recovering our box and bag and returning those belonging to others.

All the food boxes (including ours) seem so far to be clearly labelled.

I note that you will be working with the contractors to ensure they do their bit. However, the article also contains the implied threat that charges may be introduced for errant householders. Since you have the power to control the collectors, I suggest that they too should be subject to penalties if their employees continue to flout your department’s exhortations.


Di Lihou

By Di Lihou
Editorial assistant


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