Alter the IDP before north is concreted over

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AT LAST, certain deputies are speaking out about their concerns regarding developments in the north of the island. But words don’t necessarily lead to action and action is what is badly needed, and soon.

Many members of the public have voiced their concerns over and over again through the media and a huge number of Guernsey residents, who have not contacted the media, are equally concerned at the overdevelopment on green field sites.

I, and all like-minded people, am incredibly frustrated knowing our views are heard but totally ignored. The Island Development Plan is not fit for purpose but those who enforce it are riding roughshod over Guernsey residents.

On Saturday 1 September 2018 in Open Lines in the Guernsey Press, a spokesman for the Development & Planning Authority said, and I quote, ‘The political committee is made up of elected representatives who are there to act in the best interests of the residents of Guernsey in accordance with planning law.’

I should like to rewrite that statement and it would read as follows: ‘The political committee is made up of elected representatives who should be there to act in the best interests of the residents of Guernsey.’

The final piece ‘in accordance with planning law’ is purely a ‘get out of jail free’ card. It lets them off the hook every time.

So no matter how angry, frustrated, saddened and let down we feel, we will simply be told it’s ‘in accordance with planning law’.

Unless the IDP is changed, we can shout as loudly as we like, but we do so with our hands tied behind our backs and our voices will fall on deaf ears.

I would urge all deputies to walk in the areas of proposed development/already developed/in the process of being developed and be totally honest with themselves as to whether they think it is ‘in the best interests of the residents of Guernsey’.


It has already been acknowledged that it will in the future take longer for commuters to drive to Town in the mornings. Add to the equation the increase in traffic that the additional students at St Sampson’s High will generate, and everyone in the area will have a fun, slow, fume-filled journey to work and school.

Once a green field has gone, it’s gone forever.

Deputies, we elected you to act on our behalf in all aspects of Guernsey life, none more so than the quality of life we are entitled to no matter which parish we live in.




Clos de Roberge,

Summerfield Road,

Vale, GY3 5UJ.

Di Lihou

By Di Lihou
Editorial assistant

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