Unkind words spoil beach walk

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EARLIER in the year I decided to go to Vazon Bay for a walk. I parked at the Richmond end and walked on the beach towards Fort Hommet. It was dry but quite windy as I neared the steps near where the men were working on the wall. It started to rain, the wind increased.

I decided to get off the beach. I climbed the steps, getting wetter, knowing I had a long walk back to the car.

As I got onto the pavement an elderly lady was coming towards me. I smiled at the lady; she did not look happy, she stopped right by me to talk. She said to me in an abrupt voice, ‘What are you doing around here?’ I replied, ‘Just walking, thought I’d try a different beach.’ I then told her that I came from St Peter Port. I thought, this feels very strange to me. She then said, ‘Can’t you go and exercise somewhere.’ I replied, ‘I enjoy the freedom of walking on the sand.’ I felt like leaving quickly. As I left her just a few steps away I noticed a police car parked on the verge. I was in difficulty with my condition and the shock of the woman speaking to me like she did, I did walk on acknowledging the police person but couldn’t see whether the person was male or female. But I really wished I had asked them to help me back to the car.

The woman did say to me that she lived near where I had parked my car.

Unfortunately this incident has put me off walking on any beach.



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