Deputies have taken no notice of teachers, douzaines and the public

LAST YEAR I asked a customer if they would like a Christmas lottery ticket. They replied, ‘Yes please, if I won I could give up teaching’. So I spoke with them at great length to see what were their worries and concerns. Frankly, I was appalled.

I know from personal experience in our business that many youngsters struggle to read, write and count well and we seem to have had a fair few with dyslexia. I heard of teachers trying to get pupils with dyslexia to be assessed to no avail, and one parent spending well over £400 to prove their child was dyslexic, yet the school refused to accept that.

I heard of one parent who had worked hard to get their child to a reading standard and yet when they went to their primary school they were told that their child could not join an advanced reading class and they would have to start right at the bottom with all the other children.

I heard that two Education senior civil servants had manipulated the Education department to achieve their own ambitions.

I was going to name and shame them, but I was sure the Press would not print their names.

I heard of six-year-olds attacking teachers, kicking, biting and punching, with very little being done by Education to get these violent children seen by social workers or removed to a special school, and when eventually a disruptive pupil was removed from the class, standards improved.

No public sector employee is paid to be assaulted in the workplace, whether it be teacher, nurse or policeman.

I have heard much evidence of bullying in schools; well if we cannot control that in smaller school sizes, what is it going to be like in these bigger schools? Now we learn that these bigger schools will have just a measly four extra parking spaces and that teachers will be expected to walk or take the bus. That’s a great idea if you are taking home lots of work for marking, isn’t it?

I discussed the Fallaizegate matter with this teacher and they were of the opinion, and some of you may not like this at all, that every single primary school would close to make way for a ‘super school’ on one site, possibly La Mare? It was suggested that the candidate who withdrew from the Fallaizegate debacle may well have been tempted with the prospect of heading this super primary as a reward for withdrawing their acceptance of the post they were awarded. It was made very clear that teachers and teaching unions are fed up to the back teeth with all the shenanigans going on and many would support a strike if it was called.

Education is a steamroller out of control, and when it becomes an election issue, which it surely will, then there will be bleats of, ‘Well, contracts have been signed so we can’t turn back now’, so we will be lumbered with a second or even third rate school system while Deputy Fallaize and his cohorts quietly disappear into the distance.

We also learn that many douzaines are also against this new school system, so how come the deputies who got this crazy scheme through the States have taken absolutely

no notice of teachers, parish douzaines and so many of the general public over this whole education debacle? I am hearing people who are very angry with Deputy Fallaize and his committee and many are talking about organising a protest to demand that the whole Education committee get forced to resign.


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