Greedy islanders should be truly ashamed

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WHAT a sad state of affairs these days with the society we live in. I am talking about our island and those who live in it and their attitude of greed and ‘I don’t care’ attitude.

We have a serious life- threatening situation with the coronavirus, and as a small island we should be pulling together to help the infection. Yet we see so much greed in the supermarkets of shoppers who can afford it over-buying products and causing empty shelves for others.

These people are a disgrace to society, after being assured that there are no shortages in the supermarkets.

As seen on the national news those serving in the health service, after their shifts, go shopping only to find shortages on the shelves.

A total disgrace. Those who can afford it should be ashamed.

I also despair at parking at supermarkets, how those motorists totally ignore disabled and child and parent parking.

I have to admit that those who do it are those with the very expensive and large cars.

Many times I have seen it happen and nobody seems to care any more. So here we are with a society of greed and a ‘don’t care’ attitude and the majority are those in the well-off sector.

We also see a letter writer with a story of someone at the airport checking on arrivals, questioning where they come from. No real border control, a worrying factor, as this gentleman left his second home in Vienna to live here. Nobody wanted to comment either on this. This virus is quite depressing for all, but we as a society do not help, pure greed.


Di Lihou

By Di Lihou
Editorial assistant

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