Unbelievable that anyone would want to sue the CCA

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I AM appalled, disgusted and incredulous that anyone living in our amazing island bubble could be arrogant enough to sue the States of Guernsey, including the individuals on the Civil Contingencies Authority.

This obviously includes our amazing Dr Nicola Brink, who has done more to promote the Bailiwick in six months with superb publicity than everyone else has done in the past 10 years.

I refer of course to Tim Chesney.

His action will be defended using money from us, the Guernsey taxpayers. That is forgetting indirect costs of wasted time by countless individuals.

We are so privileged to live here with very few restrictions. We all have an amazing quality of life that is the envy of the rest of the world. I do not need to spell it out, but perhaps I must do for Tim Chesney. No social distancing, no limit of social contact, no minimising interactions with other households and no face masks – we can all go about our lives as pre-Covid. If you want to leave the island nobody is stopping you.

Covid is an unforeseen outcome and a one in 100 year event. So of course we need the CCA. The UK wants to enable everyone to test themselves for the virus each morning, giving them a ‘freedom’ pass so that they can behave in the same way we do. They are months off – if ever.

So here is some free advice to Mr Chesney – there is no need to go to an advocate. I am making this free advice publicly available. Drop this insane action. Sell your house right now – the market is buoyant at the moment so you will get a great price. Then buy a one way ticket to either Portsmouth or Southampton.

Doug Johnstone said on 9 September that ‘Jersey has shown the way’ and we need to follow suit. Well if Jersey had done the same as Guernsey at the same time, there would now be an air bridge with the Bailiwick, the Isle of Man and Jersey. I bet inter-island flights would have been packed both ways. It would have had the same tremendous effect on Jersey’s visitor economy (and ours) as Alderney has experienced. If you think it is so bad here then please take up the free advice as above.



Sand Dollar,

16, Les Grands Loriers,


Di Lihou

By Di Lihou
Editorial assistant

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