Criticism of new assembly simply scaremongering

INTERESTING to see how many letters of complaint in the Open Lines columns about the situation of Gavin St Pier losing out on various top positions in the new States assembly.

Following this we see a four-page report from Gavin St Pier and an interview on both ITV and the BBC regarding his concerns about the future performance of the new States.

Also his criticism of the new department leaders of no real plans for the future.

His criticising of the future States assembly will not give any confidence to the electorate – this is surely scaremongering, which we can do without in these dark days of this pandemic and the wellbeing of people with the worry of mental health problems.

Gavin St Pier and Heidi Soulsby were voted the top two in the election and this really came as no surprise, due to their performance this year on the panel for the coronavirus. Who is to say that if there had been other politicians on that panel they also would have been top? Gavin St Pier and Heidi have done a great job during this pandemic, but please remember they were led and guided by the brilliant Dr Nicola Brink in all decisions. Gavin St Pier should also consider that this new government was elected by the island who believe that the last States assembly were very poor and at last because of island-wide voting exercised their vote to finally change this assembly, getting rid of those who they feel did not perform and failed to listen to the public. Gavin St Pier was disappointed that only 10 of his party of 21 got elected. The electorate saw through this ploy leading up to the election, i.e. if this party of 21 was elected they would toe the line because of their majority and would have the power under Gavin St Pier to vote in their favour against the rest of the assembly, especially on subjects which may have been unpopular with the electorate.

This brings me also to the subject of the voting in the States for Pause and Review.

After the marches by thousands of the electorate and outside the States building on the day of the vote, Gavin St Pier went against the wishes of the public and voted against Pause and Review, also the mould of three schools. It came as no surprise that when the voting came to elect the top jobs the new assembly including the new deputies clearly wished to make sure that certain deputies did not have too much power and not to be operating like the States have done over the last four years.

We need to give this new assembly a chance, they do not wish to see the island end up in debt with borrowing millions of pounds as past governments have. This time we have new deputies that know the workings of government. We have a new chief minister, also some very good politicians re-elected from the last government. We must stop pointing the finger at them because Gavin never had his way. They have voted these positions based on the views of the political performance of the cast and followed what the electorate voted on, completely new assembly, kicking out the old who never performed and never listened to the electorate. Gavin St Pier has forgotten that Guernsey phrase this year, ‘Guernsey Together’.



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