Don’t turn island into yet another billionaire ghetto

WELL said, Peter Le Vasseur.

Yes, the Nazis left us a legacy of hideous concrete fortifications to mar the beauty of our fabulous coastline.

Is it truly possible that anyone could be contemplating building another such hideous monstrosity, to scar the beautiful cliffs and sea views at Jerbourg, as depicted in last Thursday’s Press?

I pray that the true Guernsey men and women in our States of Deliberation will not allow themselves to be influenced by the influx of plutocrats using our offshore island banking/investment facilities, to turn our beautiful island heritage into yet another billionaire ghetto . . . as seen in so many other parts of the world.

Let us have a decent length runway allowing reasonable airfares, and likewise passenger vessels designed for local/English Channel seas which can run on schedule in all weathers other than hurricanes, bringing back our holidaymakers to fill reasonably priced hotels and hopefully a few B&Bs, for the older generations of visitors to enjoy spring and autumn cliff walks

. . . and some normal items in English on restaurant menus. And it would be wonderful to see the bucket and spade brigade filling our sandy beaches in the summer, and our Town shops revived, serving hoards of visitors.

Come on, you new statesmen and women, now is your chance to turn things around for the better.


Address withheld.

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