Causing excessive noise is already an offence

WITH regard to the concern about noisy motorbikes and cars recently noted in the Press (‘Call for support to combat problem of noisy vehicles’ – 11 November).

Those attending the forthcoming meeting on Thursday 19 November at 5pm at Moores Hotel may like to know that legislation making such activities a criminal offence already exists. The Vehicle Noise etc. Ordinance, 1986, section 1, provides that, except when taking part in a licensed road event, ‘a person shall not use a motor vehicle on any public highway in such manner as to cause excessive noise which could be avoided by the exercise of reasonable care on his part.’

A motor vehicle means ‘any mechanically propelled vehicle’ and ‘excessive’ obviously means ‘unnecessary’. The penalty on conviction is a fine not exceeding Level 2 on the Uniform Scale of Fines (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 1989, which, since 2006, has been £1,000. The problem therefore seems to be one of the will to enforce, rather than any absence of available legislation.


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